Guaranteed Servicing

RCR undertake engine servicing and Engine Inspections during an exclusive period from Mid September to Mid March each year. Guaranteed Servicing is available at a discounted rate to RCR members.

RCR Member – £140 for a standard engine service with a money back guarantee that parts are exchanged, including Labour, Parts and VAT 

Non Members – £170 Including Labour, Parts and VAT

Then why not use RCR’s comprehensive and guaranteed servicing option. Available exclusively to members, we can attend your vessel anywhere in the country.

Our engineers will be available in your area at set times throughout the winter period from September to March. Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.


River Canal Rescue Members – Service includes: Labour, Parts & VAT £140

* Replacement is undertaken at an additional cost for parts and labour


DISCOUNTED RATES for GOLD Members – £130spot-120

If the RCR service is performed at the same time as your yearly engine
inspection you will benefit from the discounted rate.


Fuel engine-inspection-fuel 22Contamination Treatment

Fuel on the waterways regularly suffers form contamination from water and in the worse case diesel bug. Our specially formulated treatment has been independently tested by Motor Boat Monthly as the top product on the market.

This fuel treatment cleans both the fuel and the system and eliminates water, which is what the ‘diesel bug’ enzymes thrive on. The treatment is safe, works quickly and can prevent expensive water contamination repairs.

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Limitations & Exclusions:

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